• “Anusara is a flow, a challenge, energizing and Sandra teaches it with passion and humor!”

    Marcellien, student

  • “Sandra’s classes are always an inspiration. After class I feel completely one with my body; strong and with a sparkling lightness”

    Roos, student

  • “skillful, alive, uplifting, accessible, warm, interested, passionate, loving, dedicated, challenging. Sandra lifts people up to the next level with her enthusiasm and spirituality”

    Nicole de Raad, Director Bindi studio

  • “Sandra is a great teacher with an eye for personality, unity and …Divinity!”

    Hoyte, student and yoga teacher

  • “Each class is an adventure.” Sandra is an inspirational teacher of high standards


  • “A few months with Sandra have done more for me than the couple of years of physiotherapy that I’ve had!”


  • “With the help of Sandra’s yoga classes I have completed my chemo successfully”

    Ank, student


Anusara Yoga workshops with Sandra Carson
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adela&sandraYoga Delight Advanced Studies NEW TRAINING MOD 1 STARTS IN MARCH!. Sandra will be teaching the Alignment module with Adela Serrano. Click here for more info
Portugal retreat
Living Alignment Yoga retreat with Sandra in Portugal. Dates June 8-14 2016. Click here for more info
NEW DATES!!  workshops on the Psoas
26 February, Yogastudio Noord: Psoas, Pelvis and Core workshop
• 29 April, De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Psoas, Pelvis and Core workshop
May 21, Club Yoga, Leeuwarden
Living in Alignment, Psoas and fascia workshops
16 June  Delight yoga, Den Haag, Psoas, Pelvis and Core workshop



Abundant Nature- Beating your blues

When you’re running low on juice, it is time to take a break.  To get away from it all and to align with the current of life’s energy.  Taking a break and getting away from your life as you know it, might break the slump you’re in.

When the natural flow of life moves freely, our body feels alive and our mind vibrant. Yet we have moments in our life when we feel drained, uninspired and depleted of vital fuel in our bodies. How do we tap into the abundance that is the very source of life? In this six step program I will offer you some easy practical things that will raise your awareness of how to positively influence your mojo.

Six simple steps to get back into a groovy, natural flow:

1.Slow down-everything. Slow down your movements, your thought process (see step 3 on “how to”) and anything else you DO. When you slow down, you are more likely to remember all the things you need to remember and do them with awareness and care….. read more

Sandra Carson is an international yoga teacher in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, specialising in anusara yoga but teaching many different forms to all levels.

In line with the healing physical aspects of the practice, Sandra’s other love for Yoga comes in the way the practice on the mat shapes thinking and feeling and behaving in life off the mat. The Yoga practice serves as a modern model for creating healthy relationships with ourselves, loving ties to people we love and ways of facing challenges in everyday life.

In addition to her weekly classes at the renowned Yoga Moves studio in Utrecht, Sandra teaches Yoga workshops, Yoga courses and Yoga therapy workshops at studios all over The Netherlands. She is a returning teacher to Dutch Yoga festivals such as the Yoga Festival Terschelling and is an in-house teacher for Ekhartyoga, an upcoming international internet Yoga studio. Sandra supports and organizes occasional workshops and is a contributor of Yoga related articles in various media. 

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