Zanzibar Retreat – Align with the Elements – August 3 – 6

A Special Yoga Retreat with Senior Yoga Teacher Sandra Carson

A very warm invitation to those who are searching to deepen their yoga experience and want to live in a more awakened state. To those that long to connect to their essential life flow and the expansive power in the universe and is available to all of us. Are you ready to immerse yourself on this journey?
Being human is about having more than just a physical body, a mind and feelings. You are a sublime reflection of the elements of the world. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether are the yogic elements that make up the Universe.
The elements are interrelated to deeper layers of subtle energy called koshas and energy centers called chakras. These energy centers connect to your sensory body and state of being; they color your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. When you tap into these powerful energies they will enhance your awareness in your yoga practice and in your life.
In this retreat, Sandra will take you deeper into the knowledge about and experience of the elements, the koshas and chakras. Your yoga classes will be infused with each specific element that is reflected in your alignment, breath and movement! All your senses will come alive in the lush and exquisite natural beauty of Zanzibar. In between the classes you will have all the natural elements of Zanzibar to enjoy; the beach, the ocean and the African sun are there at your fingertips in the luxurious retreat center at Protea Hotel.


Content of the retreat

The physical body is a perfect reflection of nature and each element is mirrored in your body, mind and energy. In this retreat you will experience the elements in your daily yoga asana practice; each class has the focus on one of the elements. You will feel how each element is manifesting in you and how it relates to alignment, movement and stability. Are you more an earthy person, fluid like the water or fierce like fire? You will experience these unique, powerful energies on different levels.
Practice the steadfastness of your body in the Earth class, the fluid dynamic movement of Water, the transformational power of Fire, the expansiveness of Air and witnessing power of consciousness in the Ether element class.
You will explore the more subtle energy with the breath work. This practice will connect you to the deeper layer of the element, the yoga nidra (guided deep relaxation) and meditation will draw you into the most subtle inner layer of yourself.
With Sandra’s guidance, you learn to apply the knowledge of the elements and energy centers in your yoga practice, to free up energy in the parts that are blocked. Balancing each element in your body will rejuvenate your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in subtle ways.



Every morning will start with a meditation and yoga class with the element of the day. Each class will have a special focus that centers around an individual element; You will experience the alignment, flow, energy, heart space, and awareness that symbolizes the element.
After class breakfast will be served and you will have plenty opportunity to relax; read, walk or simply hang out and enjoy the beautiful white beaches, swim in the ocean or take in the surroundings.
The afternoon session will start with some theory; element and energy principles, and personal contemplation time. This session will be followed by a body stress release class. Emptying out your physical body of tension will free up and calm your mind and is the perfect preparation for the sunset meditation.
Dinner follows after the meditation. The evenings are free for you to enjoy however you wish.


Daily Schedule

7.30-9.00 am morning meditation, yoga class, yoga nidra
9.00-10.30 am breakfast
10.30-15.00 free time
15.00-16.00 pm theory of the elements, chakras and koshas, contemplation exercises.
16.30-17.30 pm stress release class, guided breath work and sunset meditation
18.00-19.30 pm dinner
19.30 pm free night



Take away

What you will take away from this retreat: a vibrant and relaxed body, more clarity on how to fine tune your alignment in your yoga poses, insight into what elements and energies are manifesting in you and how they serve you. At the end of the retreat you will say goodbye with a sense of aliveness and calm in your body and mind.
This yoga retreat welcomes all-level yoga students. Although some yoga experience is desirable for the morning practice and the ability to sit for meditation. But no matter what level of yoga practice you have, you will be able to get most out of this time with yourself on your yoga mat. The yoga classes are accessible and will give variations and modifications to the more challenging poses. You are always invited to follow your own body and ability. Please email if you have any questions or concerns about participating!


+255 769 511 6024 or +254 742 055 346