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Online Yoga – get into balance with the modern world!

The Internet offers unprecedented opportunities to absorb the teachings and inspirational example of thousands of online yoga teachers around the world. It also allows you to take yoga classes without having to leave your home or buy DVDs or Videos. Live internet yoga workshops and recorded instructional videos make learning yoga easier than ever before, no matter where you are in the world.

online yoga

“I have learned and enjoyed your Anusara workshop so much. The thing that stuck with me the most is the conscious connection with my body that has deepened my practice. It’s so wonderful to have become aware of this! My introduction to Anusara Yoga has enriched my practice. After practicing yoga for 10 years, everything now seems to be falling into place. I am more aware of the space in my body and am experiencing just how my body embraces the muscular energy, the stretching and relaxation in each pose. I would highly recommend Sandra’s classes to anyone wishing to experience their yoga with more awareness!”

– Marleen


In line with todays need for more flexibility, EkhartYoga offers online yoga classes on a international platform. Students can become a member to this online yoga studio and stream classes anywhere at anytime!

EkhartYoga is Europe’s pioneer in the area of online yoga classes. Based in The Netherlands, EkhartYoga provides a variety of classes, articles, recipes and more, catering to all levels of students across the globe. The approach of EkhartYoga is down to earth: honest, practical and realistic yoga that aims to help people in their daily lives. They offer affordable subscription; monthly payment is less than an average yoga class.

Home to several respected and experienced yoga and meditation teachers, EkhartYoga strives to create a forum to make yoga accessible to people of all levels, offering a variety of class, styles, levels and duration to suit modern-day life. Sandra is proud to be a part of this wonderful team.

EkhartYoga offers new classes every week through their paid subscription service, as well as free shorter sequences and tutorials on YouTube.