sandra’s bio

“Sandra is a dedicated, integral and wonderful yogini, friend, mother, woman – someone that is honestly and actually searching yet grounded, open yet realistic and playful but oh so very seriously committed to yoga and her students. I love working with her and also always enjoy her classes and insight into life and beyond….”

-Hilary Brown, Director Yoga Moves

In 1998,while living in Toronto, Sandra Carson took up Yoga for the first time. It started a practice that still inspires her today. She travelled, lived and taught yoga internationally for over 12 years.

Her moves brought her to Canada, the USA, England and back to the Netherlands. It was during this traveling time that she discovered and explored the practice of yoga and became a Yoga Alliance certified teacher in the USA in 2001.  Currently, she is a Anusara® certified teacher and a Experienced Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500).

In 2010 Sandra became an Anusara Inspired Yoga teacher and she became fully certified in 2013. During the more than 7 years of dedicated study of Anusara yoga, she developed her love and knowledge of Yoga Therapy, experiencing directly how Yoga can help people align and become empowered in cultivating good health.

In line with the healing physical aspects of the practice, Sandra’s other love for Yoga comes in the way the practice on the mat shapes thinking and feeling and behaving in life off the mat. The Yoga practice serves as a modern model for creating healthy relationships with ourselves, loving ties to people we love and ways of facing challenges in everyday life.

Although Anusara Yoga is still at the core of her teaching, she is currently exploring and expanding her studies into new areas of Yoga as well.

The support from her teachers and the encouragement from her students have helped Sandra to become the teacher she is today. For that, her gratitude is infinite.
In addition to her weekly classes at the renowned Yoga Moves studio in Utrecht, Sandra teaches Yoga workshops, Yoga courses and Yoga therapy workshops at studios all over The Netherlands. She is a returning teacher to Dutch Yoga festivals such as the Yoga Festival Terschelling and is an in-house teacher for EkhartYoga, an upcoming international internet Yoga studio. Sandra supports and organizes occasional workshops and is a contributor of Yoga related articles in various media.