Sandra Carson, yoga teacher in The Netherlands

“Sandra’s Anusara yoga classes are a resting point in my busy week. Sandra takes us into a flow of poses that take us that one step further. Her class themes apply to my life as a mother of two with a job, partner, friends, my own expectations and passion for life…
Anusara is a flow, a challenge, gives energy and Sandra teaches it with passion and humor!”

-Marcellien, student

“The practice of Yoga brought me a framework in which I could practice and exercise my body in a way I had never done before. Although a highly physical routine, my practice permitted and even required me to work at my own level, with respect and awareness.
This was a new experience for me and I felt the results in my body immediately; I felt more alive and more comfortable in my own skin. The study of Yoga philosophy initially brought me the much needed structure in which my own beliefs fit into an existing system and were organized more soundly by study and practice.
My own beliefs about life found fertile ground in which they could develop stronger roots and start to grow in a stimulating environment. Today, I apply the teachings of Yoga in my life every day. It has been the biggest influence in how I relate to myself, my life, my family and my friends.”

Sandra Carson is a yoga teacher in The Netherlands teaching Anusara Yoga and many other types of yoga to all levels of student.