yoga inspiration

“Sandra is a great person. Her enthusiastic nature and upbeat personality spills over into her teaching. She is a fantastic yoga teacher, very artful and sweet. I highly recommend her classes to anyone who wants to start yoga or is already practicing.”

-Audrey Mannie,
student and yoga teacher


“Yoga from the Inside out” – Christina Sell
‘My Body is my tempel” – Christina Sell
influential books by real life yogini

“Light on Yoga” – BKS Iyengar
The Classic.

“Wheels of Life” – Anodea Judith Ph.D
All about the chakras

“Ramayana” – Translation by William Buck
“Mahabharata” – translation by William Buck (on my to read list)

“Bagavad Gita” – translation by Stephen Mitchell
beautifully written, easy and accessible read.

Practice manual volume 1 & 2 – Bruce Bowditch
amazing practices to inspire your yoga


“Last child in the woods” -Richard Louv
Confronting and honest information about the nessecity to connect to nature. (It’s a hard read, but worth it)

“Tuesdays with Morrie” -Mitch Alborn
Sweet tale that reminds us what it’s really all about.

“You are, therefore I am” – Satish Kumar
The real stuff from coming from the source. Philosophy to live by.

“The Prophet” Kalil Gibran
Gems for daily life and relationships. Good stuff.

Websites and Blogs

elephantjournal – don’t get sucked too deep into this website; great articles that will keep you online for days…

Daily Love – get your daily dose from the most loveable guy in LA!

hmartin.ca {well.being} – a fantastic blog on healthy living from my dear friend Naturopath Heather Martin

Handelgroup.com – a New York based coaching group that offers webinars and telecourses too. Be prepared to be be challenged to change your ways.