yoga workshops

Yoga workshops, courses and trainings.
Sandra offers Yoga workshops, courses and Yoga Therapy workshops throughout the Netherlands. You can sign up by clicking on the links provided in the description of each event. If you have questions, contact Sandra via email.

Workshops offer the opportunity to dive deeper into the experience of your yoga practice.

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A workshop is usually 2,5 to 3 hours, which allows for a deeper exploration of e.g. a certain yoga pose, methodology, alignment or philosophy. The goal is to enrich your experience and foster continuous learning.
Courses and trainings

A course is a series of modules or linked workshops that provide a structured setting for a more profound learning experience.

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Each module is like a stepping stone, one building upon the next. A module can contain a practice, philosophy and yoga methodology. They are meant to give the more serious practitioner a solid foundation and more insight into the practice of yoga. Courses are an excellent way for the practitioner to prepare for Immersions or Yoga Teacher Trainings.
Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy workshops Down to earth, practical and suitable for all levels.

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Yoga Therapy workshops have been developed to give people insight into their physical problems and limitations. In easy to follow steps, the student learns how to use Yoga excersices to align the body in the most optimal way to relieve pain and establish good health. The functioning of the biomechanical body is explained during these workshops but the main emphasis is on the practice of Yoga. These workshops may be of interest to Yoga teachers wishing to deepen their knowledge of alignment and anatomy.


More to come soon!